Two-bedroom flat

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Object area

84,7 sq. m.

Date of realization




Turnkey repair cost

110 000 eur

Project features

This flat is located in a Stalinist flat built in the late fifties. Of all the flats in the old stock in Moscow and St. Petersburg, this proved to be the most difficult to sell. The problems started at the dismantling stage, when it turned out that the ventilation ducts in our flat had been blocked by the upstairs neighbours and that they were not going to rebuild them. We were also hardly allowed to move the starter panel to the entrance, as our layout placed it in a prominent position in the kitchen. But we have coped with all the complications and the customers have already moved into their new home, and we will soon be taking good pictures!

Leaving room
Children room

Color scheme

Stylistically we were not restricted, so we ended up with a rather polychromatic flat in muted tones. We used one accent colour or technique in each room. For example, in one children’s room we put a photo panel on the wall, and in another we drew pictures of mountains.


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